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The Ottawa Mini Club is one of the biggest automotive organizations here in Canada focused on providing information and educating the masses about the automotive industry. The club was founded back in 2010 with only 10 members.

10 Years Ago

It has truly been a great decade for the OMC. The club was founded by Aaron M. Westcott. He just moved to Ottawa from his hometown in Rue Gernaue in Quebec. Back then Westcott was working as a conservation scientist at a local research clinic in Ottawa.

He was passionate about research, sustainability, and preservation. Westcott did his part after finalizing many research and periodicals that are being used by other researchers, academes, and students all over Ottawa.

But Westcott had another passion, cars. So, just a couple of days after New Year’s Eve back in 2010, Westcott formed the Ottawa Mini Club.

The founding of the Club

The club was founded by Westcott on January 10, 2010. There were only 10 members initially and all of them owned pre-owned MINI cars. Westcott was a big fan of the Automotive marque from Britain.

Westcott then owned a 2002 Mini Cooper with an Inline 4 and 1.6 L engine size. He then continued to collect MINI cars from when the club was founded. The members grew from 10 to 14 to 28 and so on. Now, there are over 10,000 members.

Club Hub

This is not your usual club, by the way, Ottawa Mini Club is interconnected because of the OMC magazine that circulates all over the country. We continue to welcome new members and readers every day.

The OMC magazine is available online wherein members can view each volume since we started publishing back in 2013. We also print hard copies and then distribute them. But most of our members opt for online access for convenience and more affordable expenditures.

The OMC Magazine

The Ottawa Mini Club is all about educating and engaging people about the many factors and news of the automotive industry here in Canada and overseas. We also highlight MINI as we consider it to have the best car models.

MINI, owned by BMI builds truly some of the best cars in the world if you are looking for quality, style and durability. But we also talk about other brands and models as OMC is a club for all.

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