featured image Old vs New MINIS - Old vs New MINIS

Old vs New MINIS

MINI has been around since April 1959. The production of MINI cars quickly generated interest as thousands of cars were produced by August 1959. The big question many people are asking is, what is better? Old Mini or New Mini?

That is a broad topic to discuss but there are key factors we can take into account to at least come close to an answer.

Classic Minis

featured image Old vs New MINIS Classic Minis - Old vs New MINIS

Even before BMW took MINI under its wing, the brand was already making a lot of waves worldwide. MINI’s unique design back then took the interest of the members of the legendary rock band The Beatles. MINI’s racing pedigree is also something to talk about.

MINI along with some of the best drivers like Niki Lauda and James Hunt won a lot of motorsport titles and awards. Many people are saying that when BMW took over, the MINI’s performance took a hit as the giant company wanted to focus on the car’s design instead of its internal machinery.

Classic Minis are uplauded for their durability lasting more than 4 decades.

Current Minis

featured image Old vs New MINIS Current Minis - Old vs New MINIS

The new generation of Minis these days are making strides of their own. With the Clubman and the Countryman, MINI entered the SUV territory. There are also some interior changes and inclusions compared to the usual radio, rev counter and speedometer.

Another big issue with old Minis is the seat and luggage space. There isn’t enough space. That is what the current generation tackled and are making a lot of headway.

The interior of new models is being applauded because they kept the number of retro touches and at the same time integrated a couple of infotainment pods and other technologies. Most new models being released are heavily inspired by the 1960 mini.

Old vs New

featured image Old vs New MINIS Old vs New - Old vs New MINIS

It is not a competition if you think about it. The current generation of MINIs took the torch of the old generation and capitalized on it. MINI, under BMW, still holds to its roots and is not planning any big changes at all.

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But, if you want an answer, the new generation of MINI is on top in our opinion. The technology innovation while incorporating MINI’s vintage persona is the direction they took. To learn more about this, why not visit some well-known car shows in Canada.