featured image Top MINI Models of 2020 - Top MINI Models of 2020

Top MINI Models of 2020

There are dozens of models to choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to only 2 best MINI models you should highly consider buying this year. Our criteria in making this top two list are predicated on the model’s design, performance and quality.

The Mini Countryman SAV

The Countryman is a great addition to the MINI family as it is one of only a few models that offer great space. This crossover is built to endure all weather and terrains.

Among MINI’s subcompact SUVs, the Countryman is probably the best with its reliability, driving demeanour, stylish interior, spacious seats and all in all performance.

It also has robust optional engines and athletic handling. There are different models of Countryman like the Cooper Countryman S E with plug-in hybrid pairs or the base Countryman with 1.5-litre turbocharged three-cylinder.

There is now an Electric Mini Cooper for you to check out.

John Cooper Works

featured image Top MINI Models of 2020 John Cooper Works - Top MINI Models of 2020

If you want a great deal and we mean an affordable and at the same time quality deal, go with the John Cooper Works. John Cooper also has the latest tech focused on safety and ease of driving.

John Cooper Works also has eight-speed auto works with paddle shifters and high-speed stability. Its Ride comfort feature is also a great addition. Some people complain about the luggage space because this model focused on great seats.

MINI has done great improvements mainly for this model’s lifecycle. There is always an increase in power for every new model focused on accelerating, mid-range overtaking, tractability, and responsiveness.

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