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The Best Car Shows in Canada

Canada goes crazy when it comes to car shows as many already consider them as spectacles. Canada is home to some of the most innovative and advanced car shows in the world.

Do you love going to car shows? Do you want something new? We present to you the top car shows here in the great white north.

British Columbia Classic and Custom Car Show

Are you a big fan of customized or classic cars? The British Columbia Classic and Custom Car Show is all about showcasing some of the best classic automotive technologies ever introduced to the world.

This car show is active for more than 2 decades now and people just keep coming from all over Canada. Participants during this car show every April are handpicked by the organization. We are talking about gear heads that have dedicated most of their lives to automobiles.

Most of the vehicles showcased in this car show are a combination of classic and customization. There is a similar show in the city of Victoria, the Northwest Deuce Days.

Now, this other event is open for the public, but most participants come prepared. So, if you have a car you want to exhibit, best make sure it’s on the top level.


Held in the month of August every year, Moparfest is known as Canada’s Largest All Mopar Car Show. Moparfest is a focused event for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. However, it is not exclusive for Chrysler cars alone.

The highlight, of course, is the line-up of customized Chrysler cars by some of the top car enthusiasts and mechanics in all of Canada. The Moparfest is also a great place and opportunity to get a car of your own.

A number of cars go for auction during this event and thousands of people would bid on each.

Every year, a lot of participants either individuals or organizations win awards for showcasing the best vehicles. Moparfest has quite the extensive criteria in choosing the winners.

The 2019 big winners were a 2007 Pontiac Wave and a 2007 Ford Taurus. There is so much to do during this two-day event. There are also discussions about the many innovations in the automotive industry.

Regular attendees are expecting topics focused on safety technology being developed for cars. Mainly something like Toyota’s new technology brakes.

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