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We are looking for talented writers to join the Ottawa Mini Club team. OMC is increasing its volume of publications every week and to do so, we need new writers.

We are looking for…

A Technical or Automotive Writer

We need someone who understands cars and can write about automotive development, technical parts, automotive repair, industry reporting, and vehicle reviews. We want a writer who can educate people to further their knowledge about the many models of cars.

This writer will also be tasked to produce content about automotive engineering, automotive design and automotive production. We need someone who is passionate about cars.

A Copywriter

Ottawa Mini Club provides advertising and marketing services to several car companies here in Ottawa. That is why we are looking for copywriters and marketing specialists to join our creative team.

This role will have writers conduct thorough research and analysis on consumer stats across a variety of brands. We want to help our partners better understand their audience and we want to position all of them efficiently.

How to apply

In order to put your name in the running for the roles, all you have to do is send us your updated resume and writer’s portfolio for evaluation. We will then assess your application and decide if you have what it takes to move forward.

The next step would be an exam that will test your knowledge and writing capabilities in the automotive industry.

If you are able to pass the test, then you will be up for the final interview with OMC’s founder Aaron Westcott.

We are looking for 3 technical writers and 4 copywriters. We look forward to evaluating your application and furthermore, working alongside you.